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Designed to deliver a positive Return on Investment. Google AdWords is a quick and effective method of communicating your message to your target audience. It lets you reach potential customers as they search for words or phrases related to your business. YostratO runs Pay Per Click campaigns for companies of varying sizes that are tailored to meet any budget, large or small. We work with you to understand what you want to achieve, make recommendations of where your investment will have the most impact then manage the campaign for you.

Agree Objectives

We will clearly define your campaign objectives and budgets, as well as set and agree success measures with you for each campaign.

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Google AdWords is considered the single most important form of advertising for small and medium businesses.


It lets you reach your target customers as they search for words or phrases (called keywords) related to your business.


Once your AdWords campaign is launched, your advert can appear on Google searches straight away so you see the immediate impact of promoting your business messaging.

Campaign Set Up

YostratO will create your advert content, keywords and phases; ensuring that the campaign is structured in an effective manner.

Adwords (PPC)



YostratO runs Google AdWord campaigns of varying sizes, from new website launch’s to targeted growth campaigns. We develop a Google Adword plan that meets both your business objectives and your budget.


We provide a fully managed service where we run campaigns for you making sure your budget is used effectively to provide a positive ROI.

Pay per click advertising can be confusing so we walk you through the process and help you:


+  Define the campaign objectives
+  Agree on ROI metrics
+  Create and execute your campaign
+  Report results


From start to finish YostratO will manage your campaign, liaise with Google and keep you informed of progress.

Google Adwords



One of the benefits of Google AdWords is, unlike SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), your adverts can appear quickly on relevant websites, which means when it’s done well Google AdWords is the number one way to market your business. The following benefits of AdWords (Pay Per Click PPC) can be distilled down to:


+  Fast to market; live within an hour
+  Increased reach vs. traditional marketing
+  Increased traffic to your website
+  Cost effective, pay only for results
+  Flexible budget, you decide it
+  Full visibility of results
+  Cheaper than printed advertising


Throughout the campaign, we will explain to you in plain English results, success and learnings.

Return on Investment

From start to finish YostratO will manage your campaign, liaise with Google and keep you informed of progress.

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