SEO – Search Engine Optimisation

Is your website working hard enough for you? To get noticed and drive traffic to your website and ultimately create new prospects you need to be visible to search engines. This requires a website that’s structured correctly and configured to increase your potential of being found by potential consumers looking for the products and services you provide. YostratO works with you to unravel the complexity and guide you through the maze of SEO to make your site visible to major search engines. We set clear objectives to ensure we understand your requirements, design and implement the SEO campaign then monitor it, keeping you up to speed with its success. Post campaign we present success metrics in a simple report so you can measure the return on investment.

Audit & Health Check

We perform SEO website audit and health checks, making reporting back to you in a clear manner our findings and making future recommendations.

SEO (On-Page, Off-Page & Technical SEO)



To get noticed your website has to be visible in search engines, like Google, that drive traffic to your website. Your website needs to be structured and configured correctly to maximise its success rate and ensure potential consumers and businesses who are looking for the products or services you provide can find you.


Search Engine Optimisation has many different aspects and requires a range of considerations including key phrases analysis, social media, meta tag optimisation, website content and well-written website and building ‘backlinks’ which are high-quality inbound links to your website from other websites.


Our keyword research service helps ensure you’re using the most effective words and phrases for your business and for people to find you when searching for local businesses

Business Process



YostratO works with businesses to simplify the complexity around SEO. We will understand your business and develop an SEO plan that improves your site visible. We also provide you simple reports that allow you to track progress and therefore see a clear ROI. Our services include:


+  SEO website audit/health check
+  SEO Keyword/phrase research
+  Website SEP optimisation
+ Reports and recommendations


SEO can be confusing so we walk you through the results post activity to highlight success and develop an on-going SEO plan, which will integrate with your wider digital marketing strategy – that suits your business.


Once we’ve completed you SEO audit and research, we update and optimise your website for you. Ensuring best practice SEO principles are followed.

Social Media Management



Using Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) as part of your digital marketing strategy:


+  Increased website traffic
+  Builds brand awareness
+  Increases Social Media rankings
+  Stay ahead of the competition


YostratO customers outsource SEO to us because we understand it. We are focused on developing a plan that works for your business and that provides a clear return on investment.

Return on Investment

We believe in transparency, We provide analytics and reporting to track optimisation success and Return on Investment, presented to you in simple to understand plain English.

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SEO Tips To Consider

1: Engage Customers With short videos (60-120 secs) on your website. Videos are the undisputed kings of grabbing people’s attention online.


2: Mobile search continues to grow. People want super local search results; it has always been important – but people are increasingly using smartphones to seek out goods, services and entertainment on the go.

3: Local SEO has always been important, but never more than it is now. More people are using smartphones and wearables to seek out goods, services and entertainment on the go.

The SEO Framework