Website Analytics For Small Businesses

To maximise your investment and make informed decisions about your digital strategy you need to monitor and track visitors to understand what interests them about your website. Knowing what they look at and how they found you will help you increase visitors to your site. YostratO’s web analytics service helps you gain a greater level of understanding of your website traffic. We use Google Analytics to evaluate the data, identifying areas of your website that are effective and more importantly where improvements can be made. As well as highlighting potential issues, our service includes recommendations of how to optimise your website for maximum impact. For example, have you considered these simple questions about your website?


Is your website acting as an effective business tool to help you win new business? While keeping existing customers engaged and up to date?

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Our web analytics service provides insight into your website user’s behaviour leading to a more efficient and optimised website increasing the potential of new business opportunities.


We provide analytics to help you understand who is looking at your site, what they like and dislike and the number of new leads the site is generating.


Do you know who is looking at your website? Are they your target audience? What areas interest them most when they browse your site?

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YostratO’s web analytics service helps you gain an increased level of understanding of your website user traffic. We work with you to:

+  Define project scope and success
+  Analyse, process & measure data
+  Report and present findings
+  Make future recommendations


What do you customers like and dislike about your website? How long do they spend on your website? What are the most popular pages and features?

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YostratO customers see the ROI of our website analytics service by seeing increased sales opportunities through user activity and engagement on their website. Others use the data we collect to target their audience more effectively. Our website analytical service can help you:


+  Understand what visitors want
+  Stay ahead of the competition
+  Increase website visitors
+  Improve your website’s SEO

Return on Investment

Is your website helping convert visitors into prospects for you to reach out to and engage with about your products or services?

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Business Owners Want To Know

1: How do visitors find my website?

 2: Am I creating interesting content?

3: Is my website helping grow my bottom line?

 4: How can I make my website a more effective business tool?

5: Who is looking at my website?

Introduction to Google Analytics