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Providing affordable website design from just outside Aylesbury means that we are perfectly located to service businesses in Buckinghamshire.This was a fascinating project, we were approached by a small start up in High Wycombe to develop and build a website for users to browse, rate and submit news stories around the subject matter of 3D printing. The brief for the site was simply to “make it easy-to-use and make it useful to the people that visit it”. We love a challenge and, as with all our projects, our first step was to research the subject matter to get a feel for what was already in place, what these websites did well and what opportunities existed for us to build a great site for our client.

Our first big realisation was that there was no need to build this site completely from scratch. This approach helped keep costs down, but it also meant the site would be built on a solid Wordpress framework designed exactly for this type of website.  Within our proposal, we made recommendations to what the site should provide from the launch phase. We then indicated how it could scale up in the future, based on demand. We felt it was important to keep users interested in coming back, not only capturing really good content, but also letting them see the website evolve over time.

As part of the project implementation, we paid particular attention to the design look and feel, ensuring that content was displayed clearly. To do this, we went for a strong, striking design to help give the website visual impact. The website has proven popular and now, through our social media management service, it has over 6,000 genuine Twitter followers.

The website project was managed mostly remotely, but when needed we held key stage meetings in High Wycombe and Aylesbury, using the Bucks Business First meeting hub.

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