Digital Marketing

We’ve been working with Crumbs & Napkins ( to help them understand who their customers are and how they should market themselves to them. Sounds simple right?

A common misconception that we come across is that by having a website and making an odd Facebook update, you are automatically talking to your target customer. We see frustrations with business owners where they believe they’ve taken the right steps and are actively marketing their business through their website and social media activities, but are seeing none or only limited results.

Our first step working with Crumbs & Napkins was to step inside their business and understand fully what they do. We sought to understand where the business was and where they’d like it to be in the future. We also worked with them to create customer and competition profiles, building a marketing action plan that targeted these profiles. 

We are wholly metrics driven. All activity we undertake is measurable, which means that we are able to track return on investment. Before we implemented the plan, we took a detailed look into the data behind their business. Data is a powerful and an often overlooked factor when businesses are communicating to their customers.

We created a simple but effective report that told Crumbs & Napkins where exactly their website visitors came from, breaking data down into useful demographics. Using this, we were able to look at how this compared to the customer profiles we’d created and evaluate where the target customer gaps were.

In turn, this fed into the overall marketing strategy for attracting new customers.

Crumbs & Napkins have seen a positive impact to the first stages of growing their user base, creating enquiries from their website for their services. We continue to work with them, providing a simple but effective monthly web site activity monthly report with insights and recommendations to consider.

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