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YostratO Portfolio | Graphic Design| Buckinghamshire

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Graphic Design - Logo concepts

We were approached by a company in Tring, Buckinghamshire for our graphic design services to create concept logos as part of a business pitch for an online country clothes store. We relish the challenges of projects like this - starting completely from a blank piece of paper (or screen!)  and then scamping out ideas while considering the bigger branding picture for the whole business.

As with all our projects and true to our company values, the first step was to sit down and dive into the business concept. We have a proven approach to doing this, which makes the YostratO process effective and productive. These sessions are run in an open and transparent way. As with many of our projects, our initial conversations lead the client to further considerations that’d they’d initially overlooked.

Deep dive completed, we agreed the scope of phase one, put our creative hats on and began to mock up the business logos. As we take time to understand the business before starting any creative, so we’ve already got ideas formed, which helps expedite the creative phase of the project.

Once the initial concepts were completed, we sat down with the client for a feedback and review session. An optional stage, some clients choose to go with the concepts that we put forward while some ask for minor tweaks via email or over the phone. However, we believe that for projects of a certain size, and when you’re starting from scratch a face-to-face meeting is extremely productive for both parties, even if only 30 minutes.

We were then able to agree on which branding and logo direction to take. We then made the amends from our end before issuing the final artwork.

Some of the initial concepts are shown below.

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