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Why Brookes Clothing came to us  

Social Media and Digital Marketing are powerful and cost-effective ways for small businesses to grow their business and connect with their customers. But like many small businesses, Brookes Clothing, a women’s fashion boutique in Wendover, Buckinghamshire, found the whole prospect daunting. They knew that digital marketing could help their business, but weren’t sure what to do and were worried it would be too time-consuming to manage on a daily basis.

They decided they needed a local digital web agency to advise them on next steps and then manage the process for them.

What we did for them

To identify what online tactics would be most effective, we first had to establish what Brookes Clothing wanted to get out of their digital marketing. They said their key aims were to:

- establish direct communication with their customers

- build up a loyal customer base

- connect their online and offline worlds through special offers posted online.

This information coupled with an analysis of the online activities of their competitors, allowed us to produce a simple but effective digital marketing plan that identified three main tactics that would be right for their business.

- Social media campaigns: our experience in social media management enabled us to advise them on which social media channels would work for them best. We recommended Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook for business.

- Email marketing to customers: regular emails to customers promoting special offers and events is a great way of communicating with customers and staying on their radar.

- Website content updates: keeping a website up-to-date is important if you want to people to return to your site. This is especially important for a retailer, as images and news of new stock will encourage people to visit the store in person.

How we work collaboratively with Brookes Clothing

Having a workable digital marketing plan in place was a starting point, but now it needed to be actioned. As Brookes Clothing were busy running the shop, they asked us to manage all the online marketing activity.

As a local digital web agency, we can work on-site at Brookes Clothing once a week. This allows us to discuss in person the things that need to be actioned immediately along with any long-term objectives.

Our regular activities include:

- Email marketing: creating and sending branded emails promoting special events, sales and offers

- Social media management: updating their social media channels with latest news and promotions

- Website management: updating their website including images and page content

This collaborative relationship provides Brookes Clothing with a simple and cost-effective solution to their digital marketing management. Most importantly, they have the reassurance of knowing all their online activity is being handled in a consistent and professional manner.

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