YostratO|Case Study: Bricks & mortar to online success

Create Online Success with YostratO

Being a small high street business isn’t straightforward, but it is rewarding. To know that you’re part of the small independent retailers who are trying to stem the flow of generic high streets gives you a real sense of purpose.

More a vocation than a job or a career, we love what we do – and when customers come in, it’s clear to see that they like what we do too.

“The crux of running a small business, however, is income.”

With a bricks and mortar outlet, you are at the mercy of many outside influences – the rent, the weather and the makeup of other businesses nearby.

When we approached YostratO, we knew that we needed to secure our business
position. We were keeping our heads above water with the shop, but it wasn’t a great position to be in.

We also felt that our website could work harder for us.  We weren’t really sure how to address our issues –  we were much too close to the business to be objective.

YostratO understood not only where we were but also where we needed to get to. They worked with us to understand our business and when they made recommendations, we could see the difference it would make straightaway. YostratO understood not only where we were but also were we needed to get to.

“Working with YostratO made it simple to see that we 
were missing opportunities

YostratO overhauled our website. Within a month of our relaunch, we could see new growth on our balance sheets. They made our website look fabulous, along with behind the scenes changes that have helped increase website visitors.

We thought that selling online would be difficult to get right and an expensive
exercise. However, YostratO showed us that it was well within our grasp. Their
understanding of our business was spot on and meant that their solution was right for us. All in all, it was totally painless!

Since the launch, we are selling across the world and sales are growing monthly. Our engagement with YostratO has created a completely new revenue stream.

This has enabled us to spend the time that we want to with our bricks and mortar customers, knowing that our online presence is taken care of.

With YostratO managing our online store, we know that we are in great hands. It makes perfect economic sense to have them do this for us, whilst we enjoy increased sales without increasing the time and effort we have to spend.