YostratO| Case Study: Building a business brand

Building a business brand

For us, we have to think really carefully about the kind of business we want to be. We have a stunning rural location but with that comes a limited audience and we just can’t rely on our drinking clientele to keep us afloat – much as we like them.

“We realised that the secret to longevity is to build up our reputation as a place to eat. Our challenge was getting our brand ‘out there while encouraging customers who had dropped off to return. ”

We wanted to keep them informed about what we we’re doing and make it easy for them to take us up on our special offers and events.

We needed help to develop the brand for our business, but when you’re running a    kitchen on a daily basis, there’s simply not enough time to do it ourselves. What was also critical was to get it right before we started marketing. We knew what we wanted to do, but not how to do it.

We approached YostratO to help us. We had worked with many local suppliers before – but that was exactly the problem. We had one person to do posters and another to work on our local advertising, and they each had a slightly different take on how we should be doing it.

We needed someone to take a holistic approach to our marketing – not only did we want one point of contact, but we wanted the thoughts and ideas to be in synergy with where we wanted to go.

“Ideally, we were looking for someone to manage it all for us – posters, social media, dining experiences and even back end business support.”

For us, YostratO stood out. With one central point of contact, they understood our time was precious. They were knowledgeable and took time to understand our business. The recommendations they proposed were measurable and that was important to us.

We found that they had great vision and discipline to help us see that everything we did needed to be consistent in order for us to create the image and the brand we were looking for.

YostratO are absolutely right for us to work with. They’ve been up front and clear that it will take time to establish a brand. We’ve created a marketing plan together, with a first phase to build a strong social media presence allowing us to reach out to new customers while still ‘talking’ to our loyal ones.

For us the big win is this is all hassle free – YostratO have  managed everything since we agreed the plan and we’re impressed with how they’ve worked to our limited budget.