YostratO| Case Study: Focusing on growing my business

Focusing on growing my business

We’re under a lot of pressure. I started my business 16 months ago and during that time we’ve grown to a three-strong team and things are going really well for us. Our reputation is growing – as is our order book.

While were delighted that we’re in this position, it brings with it problems of its own. Every order is critical. We need to get it right to make sure that we secure the repeat business.

As the business has grown, so has our need for PCs, laptops, printers and other devices. We also needed help getting our software requirements right – we weren’t sure what we needed or how to set it up.

Recently we had a lucky escape when our computers went down during a really busy period. We could have lost everything but we just about managed to swing it.

“We then realised that we needed help. When we found YostratO, we were pretty exhausted”

We were concerned that computers or software would let us down again, with the potential to be an even bigger business disaster.

YostratO came into our business, understood what we were about and what our challenges were. They created a tailored and measurable action plan.

Their plan transitioned us from being an ‘at risk’ company to a business with a small but tight IT/software solution that was scaled just right for our business.

YostratO ensured that the right software was installed on PCs and made sure that we could access our files easily from anywhere, with a solid data backup plan.

They made decision making easy for us at every stage – we understood not only what they were doing but also the difference it would make to our day to day routines.

“For the first time in a long time, I felt that we were protected and had taken the necessary steps to having a suitable IT/software infrastructure in place”

We also asked YostratO to analyse our business pressure points and how we could make changes to alleviate them. With their help we now have an automated easy to use accounting platform, saving us hours of administration every month.

YostratO have delivered cost effective solutions into my business. I wish that I had known about them when I’d started – even as a one-person business I could have benefited from what they do.