The interesting history of Aylesbury Town and the businesses you will find

Taking a look at the history of Aylesbury Town

From the Bronze age to today, Aylesbury town has been significant housing population, although it did not get its name until 571 AD. From celebrities visiting the popular Aylesbury Duck residence, this town has a lot of promise for the people and the local businesses.

This month, YostratO looks at the town our company calls home, including the history, the businesses you will find and how we support the local area. Recently named the worst town in England, we are here to challenge that online poll and show that Aylesbury has a rich history and an even more prosperous future.

The focal point in Aylesbury town centre has to be the marketplace. The first market opened in the 13th Century, and although it has diminished in size, it is still a popular place for residents of Aylesbury to visit.

A short walk from the marketplace, you will find some of the oldest cottages built surrounding St Mary’s church – a perfect place to take a lunchtime stroll if you work within the town centre. During the 19th Century, the Aylesbury Duck created fame for the town, and we still have this claim today!

The late 1900’s made way for housing and office development to grow quickly and effectively, promoting a newer and larger town that led the path to the redevelopment of the town centre and updates to the market space.

Historical pieces were left, however, as a nod to the past, including the cobbled walkways and older streets. From this point on, Aylesbury Town changed quite dramatically into the commercial town we know today.

Supporting the local business in Aylesbury

Small businesses got a foothold in Aylesbury town during the 1820s when the canal first opened and later during 1839 when a branch line of London and Birmingham railways was installed.

Having these avenues become available in Aylesbury meant that small businesses could supply stock to distant towns and cities more conveniently and cost-effectively. From 1850, more prominent industries started to develop across Aylesbury, and many can still be seen on local industrial sites today.

Even just taking a short walk around Aylesbury Town, you will find it teeming with businesses providing services and selling items. From famous high street stores to small independents and everything in between, there isn’t much you won’t be able to find when walking through Aylesbury Town.

As a local web developer and SEO specialist, we work with many local Aylesbury businesses to give them a beautiful and functional website and help drive traffic to their site and store.

Our knowledge of the local area means we can pinpoint competitors and have a thorough understanding of Aylesbury from a consumer and SEO point of view. Having a local website developer who understands your surroundings and your local target market is key to your business success.

Each of our clients has a unique strategy and USP. Hence, they must have access to a local SEO specialist who knows the area and can formulate an area-specific SEO strategy that works with the business location and their future goals.

The future of Aylesbury Town and its businesses

Aylesbury received its ‘garden town’ name in 2017, and the local council, together with developers, is planning significant expansions and business additions over the next five years.

From additional residential homes to a new look in the town centre, these plans have been put in place to rebuild a resilient economy and ensure a positive impact on our local environment. Just a small look at where the old civic centre used to stand will tell you that developers mean business.

There can be no doubt that as railway lines open up and housing is further developed, the opportunity for further businesses and growth will benefit Aylesbury greatly. As the fourth largest growing local authority in the South East of England, the town is committed to growing in a sustainable and economically effective way that supports its existing infrastructure.

New developments in Aylesbury are set to be focused around the town centre, with a secondary focus being on the outskirts of the town. There can be no doubt that this will lead to a massive increase in the businesses that will set up and thrive in Aylesbury either in its town centre location or the quieter but no less successful outskirts, including Berryfields, Wendover, Bedgrove and Weedon Hill.

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