The importance of infographics from an SEO company

An introduction to infographics from an SEO company

As we move forward in a digitally focused world, there is no doubt that infographics are becoming increasingly popular among businesses. A clear and effective way of presenting and marketing information without losing your audience partway through is perfect from an SEO company’s point of view. Our world is becoming more fast-paced and with businesses battling over your attention, an infographic offers a simple solution to get your message across to your target audience easily.

Infographics can take longer than writing a blog, however, this shouldn’t put you off adopting them into your business. If you are planning an infographic, you need to think of your branding, content creation and what you are trying to convey to your target audience. Once you have answered these points, you are well on your way to building a great infographic that will benefit your SEO strategy long term.

What is an infographic?

Simply put, an infographic is a visual representation of the information, knowledge or data you are trying to present. An infographic can be static or animated depending on how and why you are utilising it and can be used to market to your target audience, or as part of internal communications.

How SEO and infographics work seamlessly together

When it comes to SEO, infographics can play a really important part in your strategy – if you utilise them correctly. Let’s take a look at some of the ways an infographic and an SEO company work together well:

Link building – Backlinks are a way of pointing other websites to your own. This is generally done through content creation that mentions your brand and links to your website. Infographics are linkable and therefore, when others use your infographic on their site, they can link this back to you and your company.

Communication – Communication clearly and correctly with your audience is key to your SEO strategy. Having an effective infographic at your disposal, that clearly communicates to your target audience can be very beneficial when you are looking to increase your market.

Curated content – Many businesses use blogs and content to draw leads to their website. Writing focused content is a great way of showing your expertise within the industry and having graphs and charts interspersed between your words will help draw potential customers into your brand.

Marketing opportunities – Infographics are a successful marketing tool for both digital and print communications. using visual content rather than just words on a page is a great way of marketing your company to a larger audience as it is clear from recent trends that people are more likely to read and take in content when it’s colourful and appealing.

Expertise acknowledgement – If you are in a heavily competitive market, the chances are there are other companies competing locally for business. Using infographics to show your knowledge and expertise in your industry will help to drive sales to your business over your competitors.

Brand awareness – Is your target audience aware of your business? If not, using infographics that are colourful, informative and inviting could be a successful way of increasing your brand awareness. Infographics are social media friendly and this is where you may be able to target a wider audience quickly.

Creating an inviting infographic with your SEO company

It is obvious that one of the most important elements of an infographic is that it is inviting, colourful and engaging. Your content is key when designing your infographic, however, it is interlinked with the visual elements such as a chart or graph and the two should work together rather than against each other. When you are planning to design an infographic, remember these three steps to make it successful:

  • Plan your key facts first – what are you trying to convey in your infographic? Get this information into clear, concise content.
  • Choose your design and colours wisely – don’t go over the top with your colour scheme. If you have a tone guide already adapted for your business, use these colours and make your infographic pop.
  • Keep it simple – don’t make the mistake of putting too much information into your infographic – save that for your website content or blog. Making it too long will ensure your visitors lose attention and move on.

If you are looking for a refreshing new way to communicate with your existing clients and target audience, it may be time to consider adopting infographics into your content creation. Infographics are flexible and versatile and can be built around whatever you would like to communicate. Whether that’s statistic sharing, promotion, or simple communication, an infographic can do this for you. Speak to YostratO today to find out more about how we can help you design and implement your infographic.

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