Why is a local website hosting company the best choice for your business?

When talking about your website hosting have you ever had challenges with:

  • A slow site
  • ‘Website unavailable’ pop ups
  • Frequent site crashing
  • Hidden costs for SSL and problem solving
  • Loss of data due to no backups
  • Wasted hours over email and chat trying to fix site problems

If you have experienced either one or most of these challenges, it may be safe to say that you are not getting the best experience from your current hosting provider. These are just some of the issues that companies face when working with a facless hosting company who are not local to your business.

Choosing a robust web hosting company that communicate

So, where do you go if you decide to build your new website and need its hosting? Do you have any local companies in mind that could give you what you’re looking for? There are two things about the internet that make it the perfect place for scammers. It’s easy to hide, and there’s no one face of your company, so it can be hard to trust a new business with your money. And let’s face it, in the beginning, you do have many questions, and you need a team of supportive experts who can answer these questions for you. If this sounds like you, local hosting over online domain hosting will benefit you.

If you have just started a new venture and are about to register your domain name, you will most likely be confronted with the following question: should I choose a local hosting company in my area or look for a cheap online option?

Customer support is vital when working with a hosting company. Suppose your site crashes, or there are issues from the ‘back end’. In that case, you need a web hosting company you can completely trust who will respond to your challenges promptly and either resolve the issue effectively or keep you informed of progress and timelines.

You may well be able to do this with an online hosting company, either through their AI chatbox or once you get through to speak to a team member; however, this could be a lengthy process, and each second offline may be costing you and your business both money and reputation. Using a local web hosting company means you will likely be able to call their office line and speak to someone immediately, who will be in a position to focus on you and your business hosting there and then. This 1:1 interaction makes a positive difference to the amount of time it may take to get your site back up and running.

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What’s included in our hosting packages?

Finding the right level of website hosting and support is crucial and finding a team you can trust is essential. Your website is an important business tool and needs to be regularly maintained and fine-tuned to maintain its performance. YostratO offers a competitive hosting package to give you confidence that all your hosting requirements are covered so you don’t have to worry. Included in the YostratO hosting package is:

  • UK based professional servers
  • Professional tailored website hosting to suit your requirements
  • Specialised E-Commerce hosting package
  • Fast website load times, no matter the size of your site
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Daily backups of your website
  • Regular malware scanning – helping protect you from hacking attacks
  • Performance scanning
  • Technical maintenance of servers
  • Migration from one hosting platform to our own, outside of office hours

The benefits of using YostratO to host your website

If you have been running a website for several years, you probably have experienced being restless when your host is going through technical difficulties. What if your host goes out of business or if you need to move your site again? Numerous hosting services with countless locations and many different companies under one umbrella can make it challenging to narrow down all the possibilities.


It can be time-consuming to constantly have to chase your online hosting company, particularly if you are facing challenges and have a short period to get things resolved. Working with YostratO takes away the stress of trying and resolving issues because nine times out of ten, YostratO has identified the problem and resolved it before you are even aware.


Choosing a company like YostratO to host your website means you will have face to face or over the phone contact with one person when you require it. Having this option makes your working day much easier, and you won’t have to worry about speaking to someone different every time.

Cost-effective solutions

Hosting with a local web company like YostratO can be much more cost-effective than you think, particularly when you factor in the time you are saving by having solid communication and experienced web hosters looking after the domain on your behalf.

Positive customer engagement

Building meaningful and long-lasting relationships are incredibly important to YostratO, and a company that chooses to host their website with YostratO is no different. As the customer, you are not just another number or another domain listing. You are an important client to YostratO and will be supported as such.


If we are hosting your website and we are your chosen website developer, our ability to solve any issues that arise on your site can be completed more promptly. This is because we understand the platform your website is being hosted and we have tools available to find and capture any issues to deal with them quickly.

 Contact YostratO to start hosting your website with them today

Hosting your website with YostratO gives you peace of mind that you are not just another number in the system. Locally based in Aylesbury and supporting businesses in and around Buckinghamshire, YostratO pride itself on being the Web Company that can deliver. If you would like more information, why not contact YostratO today and discuss your website requirements?