Supporting your website maintenance over the festive season

Supporting customers during the festive period

In just a few short weeks, we will be celebrating the arrival of Father Christmas himself and treating ourselves to several helpings of Christmas dinner washed down with baileys. But how is your website going to cope whilst you are away from the office? No matter which industry you are in, your website is an extension of your marketing strategy that never sleeps – even when your marketing team have left the office for the festive break. You need to be sure that you have a solid website maintenance company that is going to help you if your site goes down whilst you are not in the office.

If you are concerned that your website will not be functioning correctly this Christmas, get in touch with YostratO to discuss your options and see how we can be the supportive team you need – not just for Christmas but for life. Be sure that your website will be a solid online presence that continues to advertise and market your business services – even when you are having an afternoon nap.

Your website has gone down – now what?

The worst has happened – your website isn’t working, and your dev team aren’t picking up the phone or answering their emails. There are a number of reasons why your website can suddenly stop working, and if you don’t have a website development background and little support on the end of the phone, it can sometimes be almost impossible to understand what has caused your malfunction and, more importantly, how to get your website back up and running smoothly.

Common reasons for WordPress sites to malfunction

  • WordPress or plug-in updates running and corrupting or conflicting with each other
  • Posting hosting services that are unable to meet your website visitor demand levels
  • Malware and hacking attacks on your website
  • User error

Having a well-performing website isn’t just about how it looks in the front end. It’s also about its uptime versus how often it malfunctions and the availability of your pages on a consistent basis to your audience. If your website spends more time facing errors than servicing your customers, it’s likely that your traffic will start to avoid your site, meaning you will lose potential sales moving forward.

If your business is suffering because your website seems to spend most of its time malfunctioning, if you are struggling with your existing website maintenance and hosting provider and don’t understand their jargon, get in touch with YostratO today for a free consultation and learn more about our website hosting packages.

Smart tech and clever tools to monitor and manage your site

Part of our turn-key solution as website experts at YostratO is having a complete and overarching view of the websites we develop, manage and continue to support. To help us manage this effectively, we use a number of smart monitoring tools and technology that supports us, alerts us about potential problems before they become big issues and assist in directly fixing those problems quickly and efficiently.

Clever tools we store up our website maintenance sleeves

  • Uptime monitoring tools ping us an immediate alert when it detects a website with a potential problem or a website that is no longer visible online.
  • Bulk WordPress management tools support us to gain access to all our managed websites easily and from any device and location across the world (not that we are spending Christmas in Bali).
  • Update tools that assist us in deferring updates during certain periods (unless absolutely necessary). This is particularly important for eCommerce websites that need to avoid running updates during busier periods, including sale seasons.

Thanks to the support of the tools we have at our disposal, combined with our extensive knowledge and ability to build the highest quality websites, we minimise downtime and interruptions from the very beginning of your website journey.

eCommerce websites never stop – neither should yours

As an eCommerce business, you are fully aware that even over the festive period, you are still likely to have sales come through your website. It is imperative, therefore, that your website maintenance continues to run effectively with minimal issues so your customers can keep accessing you when they need you. We understand, however, that you quite rightly deserve a break over the season, and that’s why our team continue to support your eCommerce website – even when you aren’t working.

As the festive season – from Black Friday through to the January sales is likely to be the busiest time for your eCommerce website, your site is more likely to suffer downtime due to the increased traffic volume. YostratO supports its eCommerce clients by ensuring they have a managed plan and project plan in place so we can understand what you are planning to achieve during this time, how your website will need to function and most importantly, where our support will be needed. Any schedule of works will be completed ahead of time, so general website maintenance won’t disrupt your visitors, giving them a great user experience during their shopping time on your eCommerce site.

Alongside our website maintenance and development packages for eCommerce clients, we also offer extended eCommerce out-of-hours services for customers so you can have the confidence that someone will be around to help support and fix your site – especially important during the festive season.

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High-grade, best-in-class website hosting with YostratO

At YostratO, we believe that combining high-quality technology with knowledgeable people and extensive tools gives you the very best in website maintenance and development, website hosting and, of course, continued first-class maintenance. Being available to ensure your website remains an integral and successful part of your business is just one of the services we believe makes total sense.

For high-quality website maintenance solutions that tick every box for your business, get in touch with the YostratO team today. We look forward to making your website work for you – even during the busiest times of the year.