5 reasons why its time to give your refresh your website in 2022

Bring your website up to date for 2022

Your website is one of the most important assets for your company’s online presence. Design and development are therefore imperative to keep your online presence working successfully. Much like your business is evolving and changing, so should your website. Letting your online presence become static and immovable could be damaging to your business and will result in you losing traffic and visitors to your site.

This month, YostratO discuss the importance of updating your website in 2022 and how this could benefit your business more than you may think.

Why you should consider updating your website this year

Increase your web presence

Your website is an extension of your sales team and it should therefore be working as hard as possible to find visitors and convert them to clients. Updating your website and refreshing the content and images you have, will help to bring more visitors to your site and convert them into clients.

Freshen your CTA triggers

CTA (call to action) buttons are important to help your site visitors navigate their way around your website easily and end on a positive sale or communication. If you have CTA’s on your site, they should be eye-catching and well-positioned. CTA’s should be relevant to your products or services, link to exciting and thought-provoking pages and should offer information and insightful assets that convert your visitors to clients.

Re-examine your SEO strategies

With SEO changing all the time, the strategy you may have created last year, may not be as effective this year. Do your research to compile new potential keywords that will drive traffic to your site. Think about your target audience and what they may be searching for. Look at your direct competitors to see how they are ranking and keep an eye on your keywords that are not performing as well. If this sounds confusing and time-consuming, speak to your SEO experts YostratO who will be happy to help your SEO Strategy in 2022.

Add refreshing new content

If your web content is looking a little dated, now may be the time to consider working with an SEO content writer to refresh your words and add traction to your pages. Content creation takes time and is not a one size fits all approach. Updating and refreshing your content regularly is vital because SEO practices are ever-changing. Written information can quickly become irrelevant so make a habit of looking at your content every so often to spot those out of date passages.

Showcase your recent success

As with written content, images and galleries can quickly become out of date. You will have worked hard throughout the year and why shouldn’t you show off your latest work if you have taken great photos? Visitors to your website want to see the latest work you have done so images are the best way of showing this. Don’t let your website fall behind by continuing to use out of date images or stock images that don’t show your brand correctly.

Other updates you need to consider to boost sales and traffic


Does your logo need a boost? Perhaps you want a colour change or you feel your logo no longer represents what you do as a business? Updating your logo can be a great way of refreshing your look for 2022 and this fresh new look will attract customers to your site.

Engaging marketing content

Updating your existing content is no longer enough for Google or your clients. Having consistent and fresh content posted to your site that shows your experience and knowledge provides an insight to your clients. Your visitors are looking for your expertise so why not show them in the form of case studies, blogs, newsletters and whitepapers that sets you apart from the competition?

Marketing automation

Did you feel like you spent too much of 2022 hiding behind emails? Whether you were sending marketing campaigns, newsletters or staying in contact with new leads, this can take up a lot of your valuable time. If you are looking to get more time back in 2022, marketing automation may be the best way forward. As marketing automation experts, YostratO has worked with a variety of clients who are looking to streamline their daily tasks, continually engage with existing customers and generate new leads for the business. Marketing automation platforms can help you do all this so you can focus your time on other daily tasks that need your attention.

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At YostratO, we believe in honesty and transparency. That is why, when you choose to work with us as your website developers, we will never sell you something we don’t feel you need. We will work with you to understand your business, target audience, current website and future plans to incorporate a fully functional, practical site that works for you. Whether you need to update your existing site or you need a complete overhaul, YostratO will always work with your best interests at heart.

To get ahead of your competition in 2022, speak to YostratO today and watch your website start to work wonders for your sales team and business profits.